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Between the Cols @Codaworx Summit 2022

McNichols Civic Center Building
Denver, Colorado
October 14th 2022
6:30-9 pm
Between the Cols represents the work of nine international artists. In- and outdoors, these works open up different ways to see—not just the digital art and its many possibilities, but Denver’s McNichols Building itself.


Featured art:

1-A Very Large Increase in the Size, Amount, or Importance of Something Over a Very Short Period of Time (2013) by Max Hattler, HK

2-Grid (variation 2) (2021) by Ian Gouldstone, GB

3-Transcendence 115 (2015) by Lia, AT

4-Atmospheric Reach (2021) by Brett Phares, US

5-ADHD (2021) by Jonathan McCabe, AU

6-Reverie (2017) by Luzena Adams, AU

7-Bubble Sort (2021) by Joel Swanson