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In the Light, Under the Skin Art Installation 2022 @ Bechtler Museum of Art

Reverie (2015) by Luzena Adams

Reverie (2015) by Luzena Adams

April 9th, 2022 8-9:30 pm, Bechtler Musuem of Art, Charlotte, NC
Representing the work of 6 international artists, these works open up different ways to see—not just the digital art and its many possibilities, but the Musuem itself. The installation underscores a discussion about the significance of projection art and its role as a potential therapeutic in conversation, interpersonally and community-wide.


Art installation includes

1-Reverie (2015) by Luzena Adams, Australian

2-Silent Steps Of Wild Instincts In The City (2019) by Kaybid, 

3-Sfumato (2015) by Robert Seidel, German

4-Grid (variation 1) (2021) by Ian Gouldstone, British-American

5-Atmospheirc Reach (2021) by Brett Phares, American

6-_ImEdge (2019) by Summer Huang, Chinese


About the art

Reverie (2015) by Luzena Adams

Luzena is a Director and Photographer who shoots Fashion and Portraiture. She attended the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology where she received a Bachelors degree in Art with a specialization in Photography. On completion Luzena was awarded the Olympus prize for most outstanding graduate and she has continued to receive art awards and international recognition ever since. Her work has been exhibited throughout the globe and featured in numerous magazines. More recently Luzena has been experimenting in moving image and projection work. 


Silent Steps Of Wild Instincts In The City (2019) by Kaybid


Kaybid is an intermedia artist currently based in Istanbul. The project consists of small scale wild animal forms that he allows to roam freely on the streets. Most of his work is custom made to be site-specific and unfolds through time where process of becoming is embedded into the product. A performative approach often makes up the basis for most of his projects. He likes to convert public spaces into new areas of perceived reality.


Sfumato (2015) by Robert Seidel

Berlin-based artist Robert Seidel is interested in pushing the boundaries of abstracted beauty through cinematographic approaches, as well as ones drawn from science and technology. By the organic interplay of various structural, spatial and temporal concepts, he creates a continuously evolving complexity.

The experimental film “sfumato” pushes the limits of abstract painting in the digital age. In a time of complete virtualization of knowledge, work and monetary flows, painting finally can be in the same state of flux beyond the constraints of a physical material. The title refers to one of the four canonical painting modes of Renaissance art, a technique that emphasizes soft transition between colors and tones. By taking this concept of blurring clear lines and borders the spectral “all-over” composition offers a myriad of subtle gradations and erratic shifts of focal planes. “sfumato” is part of his ongoing research in the field of experimental, process-based “moving paintings”, which create a coherent and personal utopia of Robert Seidel, pointing towards the universal possibilities of art in the flow of history and its friction with today.


Grid (variation 1) (2021) by Ian Gouldstone
British-American, based in London 

Ian Gouldstone is a BAFTA- winning artist and filmmaker addressing themes of frustration, spectacle, pleasure and distraction through immersive installation, electronic objects and film. 

He uses a variety of tools to create these works including custom computer software, microcomputers and a variety of display and projection technologies. Gouldstone states: “We use grids to try to divide up spaces and understand them better. Typically, they are comprised of two orthogonal sets of regularly repeating lines. Grid is a live simulation that asks how we understand space when those lines are neither regular nor orthogonal nor static.” 

The Grid series was first introduced at Digital Graffiti in Alys Beach, Florida, in May 2021 followed by Grid (variation 1) at LUMA Projection Arts Festival in Binghamton, New York, in September 2021 and Grid (variation 2) at Vero Beach Museum of Art in December 2021. 


Atmospheric Reach (2021) by Brett Phares

Brett Phares is a New York-based artist and curator working in immersive art and the built environment. Over more than 20 years, he has created innovative projects for both startups and international brands, all inescapably informing the visual syntax of his personal work.

Atmospheric Reach is oriented to the sky above; the work underscores the act of looking up, of sensing color shifts behind a variable grid, to defy a vulnerable and limited reach.

Phares has shown his artwork internationally; has written and taught on our habituated blindness of the everyday; is cofounder and curator of Alys Beach’s annual light art exhibition Digital Graffiti and founder of lightStruct, an immersive art/tech startup.


_ImEdge (2019) by Summer Xiaowen

‘_ImEdge’ is an audio-visual work exploring various landform’s conditions of uncertainty. This work focuses on the outlines of objects and transformations between each still through edge detection technique. Outputs of visuals are similar with engraving works, and full of textures being made of endless pixel and lines. Summer graduated from the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, and took her MFA from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. Now, she mainly focuses on audio-visual works and projection mapping.